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On 19th and 20th October 2018, the 15th Congress of the Sociedade Portuguesa de Etologia will be hosted by the Department of Life Sciences of the University of Coimbra. It gathers animal behaviour researchers and students in Portugal and constitutes an opportunity to contact with other researchers and the invited speakers. The Congress is open to all areas of animal behaviour and uses English as reference language.


Thierry Aubin, University of Paris Sud, Orsay; Research Director CNRS. Thierry Aubin studies from numerous years the acoustic communication systems of animals and particularly their coding strategies in relation to physical or social environmental constraints. His main biological models are birds but also frogs, crocodiles and pinnipeds.

Andrew Higginson, University of Exeter. Andrew Higginson uses experimental, theoretical and comparative approaches to study the morphology and behaviour of animals. He works on integrating functional and mechanistic approaches to understanding the behaviour of animals, especially focusing on the development and function of specialisation in cooperating groups.

Marta Soares, CIBIO, Universidade do Porto. Marta Soares is a behavioural ecologist that is hugely interested in social and cooperative behaviour. Her research has taking her to explore further into behavioural endocrinology and lately, beyond fish models.

Manuel Eduardo dos Santos, ISPA, Instituto Universitário. Manuel Eduardo dos Santos lectures Ethology and is one of the founding members of the Portuguese Ethological Society. He studies behaviour of marine mammals, particularly dolphins, and focused especially on bioacoustics, ecology and social organization.


Registration and submission of abstracts for presentations in the Congress are made by filling in this online form.

Registration is required for submission of abstracts.

Payment for the registration must be performed by bank transfer. Proof of transfer must be sent by email to congspe2018@gmail.com.
Titular: Sociedade Portuguesa de Etologia
Banco: Millenium bcp
IBAN: PT50 0033 0000 0001 0413 4273 2

Participants that are members of SPE must send the proof of fee payment of current year, or additionally the membership form (in case they are candidates to membership). Participants that benefit from a student rate, must add proof of condition.

All expenses with exchange rates or bank transfer are supported by the participants.

Receipts of payment are delivered at the start of the congress.

Registration fee covers lunch and coffee-breaks for the two days of the Congress. A Congress dinner will take place on the evening of the 19th October, at an additional cost of 15€ (starters, main course, desert, drinks and coffee), at Solar do Bacalhau. The main course will be either i) alheira (regional sausage) stuffed chicken breast, or ii) cod loin with cornbread and ham crust in the wood oven, or iii) sautéed vegetables with rice and apple puree. Participants willing to participate can register for it independently, from now to 10AM of the 19th.

Registration costs:

        Until September 25:
        - SPE regular members: 40€
        - SPE associate members: 20€
        - Non student: 80€
        - Student: 50€
        - Undergraduate student: 20€ *

        After September 25:
        - SPE regular members: 50€
        - SPE associate members: 30€
        - Non student: 90€
        - Student: 60€
        - Undergraduate student: 20€ *

        Note: late registration (after 5 October) are possible, but the organization cannot warrant the availability of book of summaries and meals.
        *: special tariff for undergraduate students is restricted to the first 30 applicants.

        Refund policy:
        - 100% for cancellation until September 7
        - 50% for cancellation until September 18
        - No refund after September 18

Becoming a member of SPE: Consider to join SPE! Besides a reduced fee for the congress, members also benefit from access to the Society's scientific journal, acta ethologica, and can participate in the life and decisions of the society. Instructions on how to become a member are here.

If you already are a member of SPE the fees for the current year must be paid (30€ for effective members and 20€ for associated members) by bank transfer to Sociedade Portuguesa de Etologia (NIB: 0033 0000 00010413427 32 , bank: Millennium bcp). Proof of transfer must be sent by e-mail to tesouraria.spe@gmail.com


The deadline for abstract submission for the Congress is September 7.

Abstracts shold be submitted in english,using the same online form as for registration. It should contain the following information:
        - Title of the communication.
        - Name and institutions of the authors (including e-mail), and which author gives the presentation.
        - Abstract (maximum 200 words).
        - Preferred format (talk or poster).

The title and abstract should be written in English. Authors will receive an email by the mid of Septmeber indicating whether their abstract was accepted and in which format, talk or poster. Final acceptance of communications depends on the presenting author having registered for the congress.


The Department of Life Sciences of the University of Coimbra is located in Center I of University of Coimbra, near the Botanical Garden (GPS: 40°12'25.9"N 8°25'19.1"W). The best entrance point for registration and Congress is through the door with the inscription 'Departamento de Antropologia'.


Below are examples of accomodation options near the university, confortable and with a range of different prices.

- Ibn-Arrik
Rua Alexandre Herculano,18-24 3000-019 Coimbra.
Phone: 239 822 600, 969 220 231

- Hotel Botânico
Bairro de São José, N.º 15 3030-207 Coimbra (ao cimo da Rua Combatentes da Grande Guerra)
Phone: 239 714 824, 239 405 124
Indicar na reserva que é uma organização da Universidade de Coimbra, para beneficiar de desconto.

- Tryp
Av. Armando Gonçalves, 20, 3000-059 Coimbra
Phone: 800 502 364

- Alojamento Local Duarte's
Rua Castro Matoso, nº4, 3000-104 Coimbra
Phone: 239 051 403


Paulo Gama Mota, Clara Amorim, Rita Covas, Gonçalo Cardoso, Rita Ponce, Marta Soares, Susana Varela


Paulo Gama Mota, Eliana Soukiazes, Andreia Melo, Joana Rosa, Elisa Moura, Mariana Rodrigues, Vasco Varelas